We are Daughters of the KingOur mission is to inspire you and equip
 you to be what God created you to be, 
to approach life with a smile and to love
 and care for others around you.

Who are we

We are group of ordinary women who love and serve extraordinary God and have a passion for women and Balkan!

Daughters of the King Conference is Balkan women conference. Our mission is empowering & equipping Women in Balkan to own their identity and calling in Christ. To work along side His sons in love & unity to bring in the harvest and release the Kingdom of heaven!

Churches in Balkan region are very small and very few. We want to provide opportunities to women to gather with sisters from region and be encouraged, empowered and refreshed to continue and perservere in their walk with God.

Partner with us

There are three ways how you can be involved and partner with us:

Stand with us in prayer for Daughters of the King Conference, mini conferences in different region and women of Balkan so they will reach their full potential in God. If you would like to pray with us please consider joining FB group Daughters of the King Global and our viber group for prayer

Attend the conference and carry the message to transform our community. Invite others to the conference and encourage others with your feedback. We’d love to see your comments, they will help us grow.

Women can only partly pay the conference costs due to poor economy, some of them are not able to pay anything. Would you consider investing in their lives enabling them to come to the conference and be encouraged?

Scholarships 2024

If you need scholarship please write e-mail to maruskino@gmail.com We do not want money to be the reason not to attend but also we would like you to understand that we do not have any money and we need to wait to see if we will get any donations. Please, pray with us that God will open the way for you to participate.

Information for busses

If you are organizing a bus from your country please collect all the money and make a list of women on the bus so you can have it ready for registration. You will need to provide accommodation for a driver (drivers) so please contact maruskino@gmail.com to find available options for drivers.

Atributes of Daughters of the King

  • She is a worshiper
  • She is a women of prayer
  • Her eyes are fixed on the Word of God, not her circumstances
  • She is passionate about her faith
  • She is courageous, loving and kind
  • She speaks words of wisdom
  • She walks hand in hand with her sisters in Christ
  • She wears royal crown on her head because she is daughter of the King of the kings (her identity)
  • She has a sword in her hand (Word of God)
  • She has army boots on her feet because she is in spiritual war (ready to share Good news)


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