Conference 2017


2017 – New Day

It is always a challenge to adequately report what took place at this years Daughter of the King Conference.  HE ALWAYS overwhelms us with HIS GOODNESS, HIS MERCY, HIS GRACE, HIS PROVISION ETC.

Our theme was “A NEW DAY”.  But I believe it is more than a new day, it is also a NEW SEASON AND A NEW HARVEST.

Simone Leslie from Australia was our main speaker, Sarah Rogers from the USA and Grethe Stanley. As well as our main sessions, we offered the following workshops.  A New Attitude, A New Look, A New Expression, A New Hope, A New Mind and A New Song.  Even though we are on the beautiful Croatian Coastline our workshops are full, our early morning prayer meetings are overwhelmingly well attended. The hunger in these dear women challenges me.

Approximately 475 women from 18 different Nations attended this year.  I’m very encouraged to see that each year more and more younger women and teenagers are coming.  This year we commissioned the teens into their destiny; they are the generation that will change the mindset that is deeply rooted in Europe.





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