[spacer height=”20px”]Daughters of the King is annual conference for women in Balkans, but it is much more then just a conference. Daughters of the King is a movement for revival in Balkans.

Mission statement
To worship Christ Jesus the King and find our place in His Kingdom
“From the home front to the front line”
Equipping women, for victory in every aspect of everyday life and ministry.
Bringing and uniting together, women of all generations.

We aim
To inspire and empower you to become who God created you to be.
To show you how you can embrace life with a smile, and have a passion and a concern for those around you.
To equip you to be more effective and to “take your place” in the family, the church and your community.
To create opportunities for God to move in your life allowing you to experience the power, presence and beauty of God, so that you, “Daughter of the King” know that you have been born for a time such as this.Esther 4: 14


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