Sharon Van Horn

Sharon Van Horn is a Minister, Counselor, Life Coach and Mediator and President of Life Connections International, a ministry helping people to know and experience God personally, encouraging them to have life-giving relationships with others through community building, mentoring, teaching, ministry trips, retreats and seminars. She has a passion to see believers and unbelievers discover their unique design, calling, and destiny from God and become equipped as life givers in the world. She also has a heart to help people learn to communicate, resolve conflicts and build healthy relationships. She is a Seminary graduate and works with her husband, Martin presenting “Healing the Brokenhearted Seminars” in the United States and Europe.

Martin and Sharon did Church Planting in the United States and were Missionaries in Austria for 14 years and now live in Louisville, Kentucky. She had the privilege of working with Sylvia Gunter, who is a pioneer in speaking blessings and spiritual identity. She is currently a Trainer in the Local Houses of Prayer (LHOP) movement from Ffald-y-Brenin, Wales. When she is not traveling, she enjoys spending time with her daughter, Bekka and husband Dave along with her two grandchildren, Vienna and Asher, who live in Shelbyville, Kentucky. She also enjoys spending time with her son, Joel and his wife, Kendra, who live in New York City.


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