Conference 2009

2009 – Daughters of impact

430 women gathered together in Sarajevo, BiH. This year we also had women from Austria & Hungary. As daughters of value who are full of faith and strength, we need to become women of impact; impacting families, churches, communities, work places etc. Once again we used the Word of God to teach from. This year was a very significant year for the conference, we took up and offering to sow into another nation, rather than always receiving, God is now taking us to a new level. We gave a donation to “Footprints in Africa” and with that donation a children’s feeding program was started.

Conference 2008

2008 – Daughters of faith and strength

220 women from nations of former Yugoslavia gathered in Vukovar, Croatia. The time they learned again through the Word of God that not only are they valued, but they can be women full of faith and strength. It was also a time of reconciliation between the different nations and ethnic groups. The conference ended with pastors’ wives from one nation asking forgiveness on behalf of their nation. It was a very powerful time; God did an amazing work

Conference 2007

70 women from the nations of former Yugoslavia gathered together in Fuzine, Croatia. It was a precious time of showing them through the Word of God that they are of great value to Him and indeed if they have a relationship with Jesus, then they are “Daughters of the King.

New Growth

New Growth

My husband’s cousin is married to a fellow from Puerto Rico and recently she got to visit her father in law there.  He had lived through the hurricane of 2017 when there was great devastation,  many deaths and much of the island went without electricity for months.  She was touched by the spirit of the people to recover and signs that even creation was reviving on it’s own.  She posted a picture on Facebook of a tree that had been broken by the winds down to the ground, but was sprouting new growth up to the sun.
Have you been hit by the strong winds of life that has stalled much of your spiritual growth?  Have you by circumstance or personal choice let the forces around you deaden your heart towards the things of God?  Are you letting the things that are socially acceptable yet against biblical truth bend you to their forces?  After failing God miserably, David cries out to God in Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart, O, God and renew/revive a right spirit in me”  Our God is a god of renewal and revival.  He is the “sun” for our spirit that allows us to grow once again despite the storms of life.  We can experience revival in our lives when we cry out for His “sun and water” to begin that new growth.  Are you ready to begin new growth?  Are you ready to be revived?  Are you ready to cut away the dead clutter of your sin? Let the Saviour clean out all the dead leaves and branches of your life and be revived to really live again, in Him!!!



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