Change is constant, disruptive and often can disturb our view of life.  I  have lived in our house in Michigan for 27 years and there have been a few changes to either the house or the yard around it.  Some would say we live “out in the country” although our little town with a McDonald’s is only a few minutes drive away.  But I like the serenity of the views out my windows of fields and trees.  And until lately there has been an old barn behind our house that I have watched “weather” over the years and taken many pictures of it.  It is not on our property and so we have just had to watch while it got older and each wind storm took boards away, one by one.  Recently the owner finally pulled what remained down and now there is no picturesque barn in my back yard view.  I felt a little down, missing that old friend.  I don’t like the current view of a heap of rubble.  Change, disruption and disappointment.

Have you felt that recently? About a relationship, a job, a church, national politics?  Have you had your faith shattered by the moral failure of a religious leader?  Is your family in turmoil??  What views in your world have been pleasing for a time, to later come crumbling down?  Do you have your eyes on the ONE who never disappoints, who never will fail you?  The Christ Jesus, Immanuel, babe in the manger is the Savior of the cross who will always fill our vision with His glory and His provision for us.  Life here on earth often gives us a pile of rubble  but we are told in Hebrews 12:2  to “look unto Jesus, the beginning and the finishing of our faith”  From the manger to the cross His life gives us hope and peace and visions of what is yet to come!  “Turn your eyes upon Jesus, look full in His wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”  We already started 2019, which will bring many changes. Have a blessed 2019 in Him!!


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