7 Thoughts for more effective prayer, learning from Hezekiah

7 Thoughts for more effective prayer, learning from Hezekiah


2 Kings 19:14-19

 1. Hezekiah got alone with God.


Hezekiah received and read the letter and took time to be along with God.

Invest in time alone with the Lord.

2. Hezekiah’s prayer was immediate.


No ‘afterthought’ prayer prior to making plans, he immediately prayed. First he went to God.

Take some notecards out with written prayer needs and lay them out on the table before the Lord and say, “Lord I give these to you, my struggles, needs and people I care for who need you. I can’t do anything about them, but I trust and believe you.

Writing prayer needs down, why? It helps us to remember to pray, and it helps us to watch as God answers.

3. Hezekiah’s prayer was open and honest.


Hezekiah simply to said to God the situation.

Whenever we are open and honest in prayer the Lord sees our heart and our sincerity. Simply share with the Lord the situation you are facing.

4. Hezekiah’s prayer was honouring, humbling and respectful of who God is.


Hezekiah knew that God is all-powerful, all-knowing and always-present when we talk with Him.

We to recognise the greatness of God and honour Him as we pray.

5. Hezekiah’s prayer was bold and direct.


It is good to pray with boldness and being direct as we see with Hezekiah.

Specific prayers receive specific answers.

6. Hezekiah’s prayer was dependent.


He was dependent on God to do something.

When we pray we realise that there are things only God can do and we depend on Him to do what is impossible and believe He will.

7. Hezekiah’s prayer was with confidence.


Hezekiah had trust and faith in God because of his personal relationship with God.

We can have trust and faith in God when we have a personal relationship with Him and spend time talking with Him.

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