God is working in us

Just think for a moment.

GOD is on your side. God is your help and He is with you. If we really want to believe  and realise these truths, then we can leave the lies that we often carry with us, and because of it in our hearts wefeel heaviness and worry.

It’s so easy to over exaggerate how it is for others and to lessen how God’s promises are wonderful!   In life we will have situations when people will be by our sides, and when they will  be far from us, and when there will be joy and sadness.

Have we allowed someone to offend or hurt us in a way that we have forgotten God, who is for us?

Today where is our focus?

Focus on God who is on our side, He fights for us, and He is working in us. When we look to God, who is for us, we will find new grace in life.

When we pray for needs, look to God who is powerful and mighty in everything! He has the solution, we need to ask God to show us and walk together with Him rejoice.

The Daughters of the King conference will be in April, just three months to go! We need to put our focus on God and let Him work in us, so He can do something new, great and victorious through us. Let God lead us into what He has in store. It will be new, fresh and powerful!

God is working in us! Think how great is the truth in  this verse…

“For it is God who works in you to will and to act in order to fulfil his good purpose.”  Philippians 2:13

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