Rachel Hickson

Rachel is married to Gordon and they have  two children and five grandchildren.  She grew up in India where her parents, Alan and Elien Vincent, were missionaries.  She is currently living in Oxford in the UK.

At the age of 24 Rachel, with her husband Gordon, worked alongside Reinhardt Bonnke and the Christ for All Nations team in Africa.  In Zimbabwe she almost lost her life in a horrific accident, but was miraculously healed by God.  After returning from Africa in 1990, Rachel and Gordon pastored a group of four churches in Hertfordshire and it was during this time that they established “Heartcry Ministries” with the call to train and equip people to be released into effective prayer and missions for their communities, cities and nations.

She travels internationally, visiting Europe, North America, Africa and India.  Invitations come from various denominational backgrounds where a passion for unity has brought the churches together to pray for a move of God in their area.  Rachel and Gordon have a passion to see cities transformed through the power of prayer and evangelism.

Rachel is the author of eight books; you can read more about her and her ministry on www.heartcryforchange.com


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