Psalm 141:3 God give me Grace to guard my lips from speaking what is wrong.

At our last DOK Conference we were taught about having a new attitude, a new expression etc today the Lord again challenged me about the words that I speak and I had to repent and make a decision once again to only speaks words that bring life. If you too are struggling with the words that you speak, perhaps you would like to pray this prayer with me!

Lord Jesus I pray that you would have mercy on me and give me grace! help me to guard my lips, so I don’t hurt others with my words and sin against YOU. Teach me dear Lord when to speak and when to stay silent. Your Word says that my words hold the power of life or death – may I always choose wisely.

I want to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger. May everything I say be seasoned with grace and love. I only want to speak words that build up and never tears down. Help me to always put others before myself. May every word I speak be a blessing to those who hear it. I pray in Jesus name. AMEN


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