Psalm 31:24
“Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.”

The word ‘hope’ came to me, and I thought how important it is for us to have real hope in our lives. Hope is something we need no matter where we are and what we do in life.

Hope is an anchor. Hope shows us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hope says, tomorrow will be a better day.

Be strong! You and I decide about this. When our hope is in the Lord, He does not disappoint. God is hope! He is our source of hope.

Hope is an expectation that what God has said He will do.
Hope keeps us in the place where God has called us to be.
Hope keeps us focused on what is most important.
When our hope is in the Lord we will say, ‘yes’ to what He asks of us.

Hope, that we will see the fruit of our work, answer to our prayers, open doors and He will make a way for us. This is the real hope we have in Christ!
When we look in our own lives, lets ask ourselves, where do we need to be strong? Where do we need to raise our hope more in the Lord? God will show us as we spend time with Him and seek His face.

There is a hope and a future with God who has many great plans for us. This is the wonderful and real hope we have in Christ!


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