Conference 2009

2009 – Daughters of impact

430 women gathered together in Sarajevo, BiH. This year we also had women from Austria & Hungary. As daughters of value who are full of faith and strength, we need to become women of impact; impacting families, churches, communities, work places etc. Once again we used the Word of God to teach from. This year was a very significant year for the conference, we took up and offering to sow into another nation, rather than always receiving, God is now taking us to a new level. We gave a donation to “Footprints in Africa” and with that donation a children’s feeding program was started.

Conference 2008

2008 – Daughters of faith and strength

220 women from nations of former Yugoslavia gathered in Vukovar, Croatia. The time they learned again through the Word of God that not only are they valued, but they can be women full of faith and strength. It was also a time of reconciliation between the different nations and ethnic groups. The conference ended with pastors’ wives from one nation asking forgiveness on behalf of their nation. It was a very powerful time; God did an amazing work

Conference 2007

70 women from the nations of former Yugoslavia gathered together in Fuzine, Croatia. It was a precious time of showing them through the Word of God that they are of great value to Him and indeed if they have a relationship with Jesus, then they are “Daughters of the King.

Psalam 23

Psalam 23

I enjoy looking at Facebook and my many Christian friends share wonderful insights and encouragements..Some of them I save in my account and some I share on to others.  I want to share this one with all you ladies and gentlemen to focus your gaze on the Shepherd.  Be blessed with all HE gives to His own sheep!!



I call the GPS in my car “blind faith”.  I put an address in it to a place I have never been before and then just follow the map and voice as “she” tells me where to turn and when I will arrive at my destination.  This is amazing tool on our modern cars and phones that somehow through bouncing signals off of satellites or towers, knows where I am and where I need to go.  Only a few times has she lead me wrong and I have ended up on a dirt road at a dead end in the mountains or some such.  But even then it is usually just a little bit off.  Sometimes I think I know better and take my own way and then she says to me, “recalculating, recalculating” as she gives me a new route from where I have gone away from the original directions.  I have never been totally lost and have always made it to my destination.
How much more does the Lord want to lead us to our divine appointments that HE has charted out for us!  He knows where we are and where we need to go.  He knows the roads and routes that He wants us to take and the experiences along the way.  And when we think we know better and go another way He is always willing to “recalculate” and get us out of our wayward messes and back on the path He has charted out for us. And unlike my GPS, He will never leave us stranded on a dirt road with no place to go.  In John 12:26 Jesus said, ” If anyone serves me, he must follow me; and where I am, there will my servant be also.”   It is not satellites and towers that we need to guide us through life, but the supernatural grace of God that directs us.. Why is it harder to trust the God of all creation, than it is to trust a “techy” device?  If you have strayed  in life looking for your intended destinations, God will always steer you back to His path if you allow Him to “recalculate” and bring you to Himself.  He knows where you are and where you need to go!


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